Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feminine thingies

Cloth Sanitary Pads

Please don't freak out at the words "cloth sanitary pads." They actually aren't gross, as you can read about here. And here (in this post) I share how to make them at home, since they are rather pricey otherwise.

Supplies you need:

~ Flannel (or heavy cotton) (old shirts you no longer wear might come in handy here)
~ A towel
~ Sewing machine (unless you sew by hand)
~ Pins
~ Scissors
~ Velcro
~ The pattern
~ A pencil (optional)
~ Thread

The Pattern

Click to get full size images, and print.


1) Choose some fabric. The lighter the fabric the more likely it is to stain. That doesn't really matter to me personally (it' not like anyone but me will see the sanitary pads) but I figure it's worth mentioning.

2) Print out the patterns and cut out the fabric.

3) What you see to the left will be the flaps of the sanitary pad. Here I've cut them out and pinned one side to get it ready for the sewing machine.

4) Here they are, with one side nicely sewn.

Note: I'm showing four in the photo, but you actually only need two to make one sanitary pad.

5) Take the big piece of fabric and put it down, with the nice side facing up. Put the two other pieces of fabric you just finished sewing the side of down on top of it. Pin them together.

Note: Here I've got another sanitary pad of mine so that I can draw exactly where I want to sew. Once you've already made one that you're happy with (or if you have some old sanitary pads of your own) you can also do this.

6) Sew along the lines you've drawn (or some imaginary lines). Then go back around the edge with a zig-zag stitch to keep it from fraying.

7) Now, add the Velcro so that the wings can hang onto each other.

8) Now you need to make the inserts. Cut out two pieces of flannel the long oval pattern.

9) Also cut out a piece of towel.

10) Put them together as shown to the left.

11) Sew!

And you're done!

Care instructions

I keep my used sanitary pads in water until I'm ready to wash them. (Not everyone does this, though.) When I wash them I just throw them in with the towels. Easy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just ignore this...

Ignore this. I'm just working on remodeling the blog, and so I'm putting some stuff online to do.

FYI, all these images are public domain. Feel free to grab any that you like.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hot dog sandwich

Hot Dog Sandwich

This is what I had for dinner, actually. lol Sorry, but I didn't think to take photos.


2 hot dogs (I used vegan hot dogs since I'm vegetarian)
1 piece of pita bread
Your favorite cheese


1) Cut the pita bread in half.

2) Cut the hot dogs in half.

3) Spread the hot dogs out on one half of the pita bread, and spread cheese over them.

4) Set the microwave oven (or regular oven) to broil.

5) Place both halves of the pita bread on a pan, and put them into the oven.

6) Cook until they look ready to eat. When you remove them, put both pieces of pita bread together to make a sandwich.

7) Serve and enjoy! :D