Monday, January 4, 2010

Hot dog sandwich

Hot Dog Sandwich

This is what I had for dinner, actually. lol Sorry, but I didn't think to take photos.


2 hot dogs (I used vegan hot dogs since I'm vegetarian)
1 piece of pita bread
Your favorite cheese


1) Cut the pita bread in half.

2) Cut the hot dogs in half.

3) Spread the hot dogs out on one half of the pita bread, and spread cheese over them.

4) Set the microwave oven (or regular oven) to broil.

5) Place both halves of the pita bread on a pan, and put them into the oven.

6) Cook until they look ready to eat. When you remove them, put both pieces of pita bread together to make a sandwich.

7) Serve and enjoy! :D

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